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When I was around twelve my dad bought a new car and told me that someday it could be my first car. I learned early on that feeling of having something new and wanting to take care of it. Over the next four years, I only got to drive that car twenty feet at a time to back it out of the garage to wash and wax it. How proud I was of how it looked 100,000 miles later.

In 1994, at the age of 23, I had an idea of a full-service car cleaning shop in my hometown of DeMotte Indiana. Property was bought in 1995 on Halleck Street and construction started right away. Boissy's Auto Appearance Center opened in the fall of 1995 offering complete interior and exterior vehicle cleaning. Over the years we have expanded its services. In 1999 construction was completed on a new shop bay for window tinting. In 2006 the house next to the shop was purchased and moved back to make more parking available. That small car cleaning business has grown into doing 70% of its annual sales in a full line of truck accessories, caps, and trailer hitches. Over the years I still get the pride of seeing a customer's car cleaned and looking like new. We treat each car like its dad's.

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